Delsan Office Systems Corporation

Companies often have to spend a lot for hardware and software such that little is usually left for producing quality print documents needed to make good impressions. Printware to provide this at great savings to fit today’s shrinking budget is now provided by Delsan Office Systems Corp. - the Printware experts providing productivity, economy and ecology solutions.

With a large client-partner list including the leading 5-star hotels, banks, electronics, insurance companies, engineering, manufacturing and industrial firms, Delsan has built a solid reputation as a value-added enterprise-wide supplier of highly reliable quality remanufactured toner cartridge. It has also built an enviable record as the industry’s leading service care solution-provider for their customer’s stand alone and network laser printer problems and was able to support 95% hotel clients nationwide. The management are usually provided with progress reports that this joint effort in printer care has saved their companies from P250,000.00 and above annually.

More importantly, Delsan’s clients now enjoy calm in a worry-free uninterrupted and highly productive printer operation, a critical factor for client-centred and export-oriented firms. Delsan Total Laser Care program guarantees this not only with proven high performance toner cartridges but also with FREE on-site repair and maintenances services. Many times free parts and On-site stand-by laser printer units are available to clients.

7893 Lawann Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City, Philippines 1203
+63 (02) 896 7688