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This is a SPRING ICV Pre-approved Integrated Solution.

Bizmann’s bmDOK, a Document Management solution that helps companies to archive, store and intuitively retrieve documents anytime and anywhere. Users can easily retrieve and even upload documents from their mobile devices, share documents across the organization. It is simply “One-Touch Archiving”. bmDOK focuses on increasing the efficiency and productivity of all office users as it provides users with the ease of simply adding any documents to their preferred designated folders from their network scanner, MFPs or any desktop electronic documents at a click of a button.

Unlike traditional document management system, bmDOK takes care of all the necessary work like such as converting documents to searchable PDF using a powerful built-in OCR engine, eliminating the needs for setting up field indexes altogether. Simply type the most relevant of information in any combinations of words or numeric that you can recall of the document that you want to retrieve and bmDOK’s powerful search engine retrieves the documents to you in seconds.

Bizmann’s bmDOK comprises a dual- software engines that are proven and powerful in their own strengths. An industrial-grade OCR engine that provides a powerful compression utility with compression competency of 10x for b/w images and up to 100x for colour images.

Bizmann’s bmDOK is a Cloud-based model but can be deployed on-premise should the needs required. The robust and powerful retrieval platform is robust and highly extensible for optional triggering to workflow automations.

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